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Raccomandato FIFA 19 Value Player (prima parte)

2019-02-13 05:42

In FIFA 19, you can master a football club and trade players to strengthen the team. Everyone wants to buy the most valuable products with as little price as possible. Is there any player with high-cost performance in the game? ?

Quincy Promes (Seville)

Sevilla's left wing is a legend in FIFA. Prometheus's extremely unbalanced data fits well with the game: he has excellent sprint speed (91) and acceleration (89), allowing him to win in speed. The straight plug-in FIFA 19 is especially important, so it is easy to find the 26-year-old horse behind the other side.

The Dutch's finalist (86), agility (87) and dribbling (86) in FIFA 19 are better than in reality, but Promes has not yet been in La Liga this season under Pablo Machin. Debut in the debut. Moreover, unlike other value-added wingers in the game, Promises has enough physical strength (83) to support his speed.

Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City)

Ricardo Pereira's general comment (81) is only one point lower than Valencia and Trippier. This is amazing, but what is even more surprising is that the Portuguese defender has excellent sprint speed (87) and dribbling (83). Pereira's defensive numbers could have been better, and his steals (80) and intercepts (79) were good. His ability to attack makes up for this deficiency.

Pereira's cross (81), agility (82) and short pass (80) made him very threatening, and this is one of the important tactics in FIFA 19. In addition, the Leicester City player is physically strong (84) enough to run him back and forth on the court.

Moussa Marega (Porto)

The Porto striker is a "beast" in FIFA 19, but when your ultimate team is formed, he won't have much eye-catching play because of his passing (61). The tape (62), the ball (65) and the field of view (65) limit his efficiency.

However, if only from the lethality of the penalty area, Marega is worth buying. He has excellent sprint speed (88), position (84), shooting power (86), power (88) and header (81) - the last two figures also prove that he is deep in the long pass tactics With a high altitude advantage, it is a good choice for your team to be on the bench.

Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City)

In FIFA 19, the player's dribbling speed is slower than the previous version, which means that slower guards can better compensate for their mistakes. This also makes many guards such as Laporte (speed only 65) more precious than last year.

The French defender has excellent defensive numbers, including interception (85), steal (86), tackle (85) and man-to-man (84). Although his physical strength (65) will bring hidden dangers, Laporte will be your reliable central defender in the ultimate team mode.

Geoffrey Kondogbia (Inter Milan)

Condado, who plays for Valencia, is one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 19. Despite only a total of 82, the French power (91), interception (84) and steals (85) allowed him to act as a barrier around a creative midfield engine.

Similarly, kondogbia has done a good job of moving forward: short pass (83), possession (82) and shooting power (86) give the former Inter player a crushing advantage in the midfield, and You can take the ball forward and launch an attack.

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