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Raccomandato FIFA 19 Value Player (parte seconda)

2019-02-13 05:42


Xherdan Shaqiri (Liverpool)

This is the first time in recent years, the original speed of the winger has become very useful in the game. Liverpool's Shaqiri is a typical side attacker and he will also benefit from the dramatic decline in speed in FIFA 19. Shaqiri can make up for the lack of athleticism with dazzling fancy skills and excellent technical moves.

The Swiss international has an excellent balance (91), curveball (88) and dribbling (86) ability, which means that the inscribed winger is the best position for him, able to cut and use him to be stronger. foot. In addition, Shaqiri also has amazing shooting power (87), dribbling (86) and agility (84).


Felipe Anderson (West Ham United)

The new winger of the "Iron Hammer" has a strong performance in the opening season of the Premier League, and this is reflected in the data of FIFA 19. Felipe Anderson is one of the best fast horses on the field, with a combination of sprint speed (90), shooting power (84), agility (89), balance (88) and dribbling (90). Kill the Quartet in the game.

In FIFA 19, there is no outstanding breakthrough skill that is difficult to accomplish. The four-star skill and the super ball-handling ability of the Brazilian winger (89) is particularly important. Felipe-Anderson was one of the most popular players in the initial team building, so the price is too expensive, and it may not be too late to wait until he is in a real state of decline.


Hulk (Shanghai Shanggang)

After the introduction of FIFA 19, the combination of strength and technology - Hulk also officially returned. For a long time, he is a good heart among the fans. Hulk, who is playing for Shanghai, has a slight decline in speed: both the sprint speed (80) and the acceleration (81) have dropped, but the "Hulk" still has amazing shooting power (94). , power (92) and long-range (90).

Because power is especially important in the confrontation between the five and five, the Brazilian's superior upper body strength allows him to create space in the frontcourt, even without excellent speed data. Similarly, Hulk can also be used as a substitute to make a kill when the opponent's defense is exhausted.


Alan Shearer (Naples)

In FIFA, it is difficult to find a midfielder that can be a solid defensive barrier, and will not counterattack the ball and the ball, but the Alan of Naples is an exception. His offensive and defensive numbers are beautiful. This is why Alan has become one of the most cost-effective players in FIFA 19, although his overall rating is only 82.

Alan's interception (86), reaction (86), man-to-man (85), steal (85) and aggressive (85) are as good as other midfielders in Serie A. In addition, he is also able to successfully compete for the ball. move forward. This is due to his good dribbling (82) and short pass (82) techniques. The 27-year-old B2B midfielder never stops on the court – his physical score (95) tied for sixth in the game.


Cesc Fàbregas (Chelsea)

Under Surrey's men, Cesc Fabregas has not yet got a minute of playing time in the new season. The Spanish midfielder was hard to get into the eyes of FIFA 19, so he became a cheap player. Although his strength (61) and lack of physical strength (60) will make him inferior in confrontation, his excellent long-range scheduling is a key part of the modern competition, so this former gunner is worth starting.

The 31-year-old midfielder has an excellent overall situation (91), short pass (90), calm (92) and long pass (89), and in many ways is equal to Manchester City's core David Silva. Fabregas will become more efficient if he can serve as a midfielder and cover his physical weakness.

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